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UNIMED » Master Theses » Teknologi Pendidikan - S2
Posted by at 22/05/2012 11:31:06  •  1082 Views


Effect of the use of audiovisual media on the cognitive abilities of students in learning themochemical

Created by :
Hidayah, Saibahtul  ( 061188410006 )

Alt. Subject Thermochemistry
KeywordSiswa Media Kemampuan Kognitif Audio-Visual Termokimia


Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh media audiovisual dalam meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa SMA tentang pokok bahasan Termokimia. Penelitian ini melibatkan 2 sekolah SMA N1 LW SIGALA-GALA dan SMA N1 KUTACANE, dengan total sampel 160 orang terdiri atas kelompok eksperimen dan kelompok kontrol, kelompok eksperimen diberikan perlakuan pembelajaran Termokimia dengan menggunakan media audiovisual sedangkan pada kelompok kontrol dilakukan pembelajaran konvensional tanpa menggunakan media audiovisual. Data hasil belajar siswa diperoleh dari hasil evaluasi belajar yang dilakukan pada akhir pembelajaran, untuk mengetahui pengaruh penggunaan media audiovisual terhadap hasil belajar siswa pada pembelajaran Termokimia, digunakan teknik SPSS 13 dan 17 dengan Uji t.

Alt. Description

The study aims to determine the influence of audiovisual media in improving the learning outcomes of high school students about the subject of Thermo. The study involved two senior high schools LW SIGALA N1 - N1 Kutacane GALA and high school, with a total sample of 160 people consisted of the experimental group and control group, experimental group given treatment Thermo learning using audiovisual media while in the control group carried out conventional learning without the use of audiovisual media . Student learning outcomes data obtained from the evaluation study conducted at the end of the lesson, to know the effect of the use of audiovisual media on student learning outcomes at Thermo learning, techniques used SPSS 13 and 17 with Test t. The influence of media on students cognitive abilities with which dibelajarkan student learning outcomes using # audiovisual media. For the experimental class audiovisual media can influence student learning outcomes when compared with not using audiovisual media, in which a. There are differences in the cognitive learning experiment graders 3.03 mean for the pre test and post test 8.18, for each school obtained 3.16 and 7.98 for high school students SIGALA LW Ni - NI Kutacane GALA and high school at 2, 91 and 8.39. Control class obtained a mean pre test and posttest 3.53 6.46 for each school, pre test and posttest mean of 3.51 and 6.99 for high school students Ni LW SIGALA - GALA and SMA Ni Kutacane obtained the mean pretest and posttest is 3.55 and 5.94. b. There are differences in the cognitive aspects terkembangkan Cl (knowledge), C2 (understanding), C3 (Application), C4 (analysis and synthesis). Between the experimental class and control class obtained experimental data for the class Cl 50% 33.33% control class, the class C2 to the control experiment 20% of class 14.28%, class C3 to experiment 12.5% 16.67% control class, C4 for an experimental class of 50% classroom 50% of control. Audiovisual instructional media can influence student learning outcomes compared with no use of audiovisual media in which it is shown by tcount ii (9628)> price ttable = t (0.25:79) = 2.042 at the level of 95% with the proportion (p = 0.000). From the results of this research can provide inspiration for teachers in schools for school teachers to use audiovisual media in terms of improving student learning outcomes.

  1. Dr. Zainuddin Muchtar, M.Si
  2. Dr. Ely Djulia, M.Pd
Date Create:24/06/2010
Collection ID:000350
Call Number:541.360 71 Hid p

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Copyright @2012 by UNIMED Library

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Siswa Media Kemampuan Kognitif Audio-Visual Termokimia



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