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UNIMED » Master Theses » Ilmu Ekonomi - S2
Posted by at 24/06/2013 10:15:52  •  495 Views


Analysis of the determination of the demand for major industry labor in the Province of North Sumatera

Created by :
Repta, Apol ( 809162025 )

Alt. Subject Pertumbuhan ekonomi
Tenaga kerja
Suku bunga kredit
Industri besar sedang
Upah minimum regional


Permintaan tenaga kerja tidak hanya menyangkut permasalahan bidang ekonomi, melainkan permasalahan di bidang sosial, seperti inflasi. Permasalahan permintaan kerja sebenarnya bukan hanya menyangkut bagaimana ketersediaan investasi dan jumlah industri lapangan kerja, akan tetapi mempertanyakan apakah lapangan kerja yang ada cukup mampu memberi imbal jasa yang layak bagi pekerja. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh investasi sektor industri, jumlah IBS, UMR, suku bunga kredit dan inflasi terhadap permintaan tenaga kerja industri besar sedang di Provinsi Sumatera Utara secara simultan dan parsial. Data yang digunakan adalah data sekunder yang bersumber dari BPS Provinsi Sumatera Utara yakni variabel investasi sektor industri, jumlah IBS, UMR, suku bunga kredit, inflasi dan tenaga kerja IBS di Provinsi Sumatera Utara secara time series dari tahun 1994 s.d. 2010. Analisis data dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode OLS (Ordinary Least Square) dengan model estimasi regresi linear berganda dengan menggunakan bantuan program Eviews 5.1. Hasil dari penelitian ini secara simultan perubahan variabel investasi sektor industri, jumlah IBS, UMR, suku bunga kredit, dan inflasi berpengaruh terhadap permintaan tenaga kerja industri besar sedang di Provinsi Sumatera Utara. Sedangkan secara parsial disimpulkan bahwa variabel investasi sektor industri dan jumlah IBS berpengaruh positif terhadap permintaan tenaga kerja industri, sedangkan variabel inflasi, suku bunga kredit dan UMR berpengaruh negatif terhadap permintaan tenaga kerja sektor industri besar sedang di Provinsi Sumatera Utara. Hasil penelitian ini juga menunjukkan bahwa variabel yang paling dominan berpengaruh terhadap permintaan tenaga kerja IBS di provinsi Sumatera Utara adalah jumlah industri.

Alt. Description

Labor demand is not only about economic problems, but the problems in the social sector, such as inflation. Problems demand real work is not just about how the availability of investment and the number of industrial jobs, but questioned whether there are enough jobs that can give a decent reward for workers. This research aims to analyze the effect of investment in the industrial sector, the number of IBS, UMR, mortgage interest rates and inflation on the demand for industrial labor in the province of North Sumatra were simultaneously and partially. The data used are secondary data sourced from BPS North Sumatra Province namely variable investment industry, the number of IBS, UMR, mortgage interest rates, inflation and labor IBS in North Sumatra province in time series from 1994 till , 2010. Data analysis was performed using OLS (Ordinary Least Square) with multiple linear regression models estimated with the help of the program Eviews 5.1. The results of this study to simultaneously change the variable investment industry, the number of IBS, minimum wage, interest rate, credit and inflation affect the demand for industrial labor was in North Sumatra Province. While partially concluded that the variable investment industry and the number of IBS positive effect on demand for industrial labor, while variable inflation, lending rates and the minimum wage negatively affect the demand for labor was a large industrial sector in North Sumatra Province. The results also showed that the most dominant variable effect on the demand for labor in the province of North Sumatra IBS is the number of industries.

  1. Dr. Dede Ruslan, M.Si
  2. Dr. Eko W. Nugrahadi, M.Si
Date Create:03/03/2013
Collection ID:130062
Call Number:338.9 Rep a

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UNIMED Community

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Copyright @2013 by UNIMED Library

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